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BBB Accredited

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We are a BBA Accredited roofing agency which means we are quite authentic towards serving our customers through our quality work.

Certified Contractor

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We have all the necessary certification under our belt that makes us a very reliable roofing company which our customers can rely upon.

Satisfaction Guarantee


We have a team of trained professionals who provide top-notch work to our customers. Once you hire us, you would be getting guaranteed satisfaction.

Experienced Company

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We have over 20 years of experience in this industry and thus we are ideal agency to handle all the roofing related work that our customers might be having.

Top Rated Service

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All the services that are provided by us are quite recognized by our customers as they indeed get the best value for the money that they invest.

Local Company

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We are a locally owned and operated organization and we have our own permanent address. Hence, we would never run away from the hard earned money of our customers.


Melissa Tx Roofing Pro is honored to engender the clients in Melissa Texas with premium commercial roofing services…



Melissa Tx Roofing Pro is a completely licensed and insured roofing company that specializes in finest roof repairs and replacement…


Melissa Tx Roofing Pro spells out in the new residential roofs in Melissa Texas and the neighboring areas…


Melissa Tx Roofing Pro helps you deal with the stormy weather common in Texas. From hails, thunderstorms, hurricanes to tornadoes, Texas bears it all…


Melissa Tx Roofing Pro has emerged as the most preferred source of fence repair and installation in Melissa Texas over the years…



Melissa Tx Roofing Pro is a prominent name in the town when it is about the garage door repair….



If you are looking to hire roofing contractor in Melissa, TX, then look no further than Melissa Tx Roofing Pro. We provide wide range of services to our customers such as commercial roofing, residential roofing, fence repair & installation, Gutter Repair and installation, Garage door repair to name a few.

The best part about our team members is the fact that they provide free project quotes and roof inspection to our customers which can be quite beneficial for them as they get to know about the problems that is present in the roofing system. Once they tell us to go ahead with the work, we take the necessary actions for the same.

We are quite authentic towards our work process and we are also fully licensed, bonded and sense which indeed gives great satisfaction to our customers. We strive on the efforts that are put in by our crew members in order to make our customers happy.

We hire only the experienced and efficient roofing contractors who can probably deliver the best possible results for us. We are also indulged in training our customers in proper way such that any problem that occurs in the roofing system can easily be countered. They are quite reliable and they are indeed the backbone of our company.

Since we started our operation, we have made a bunch of happy customers who are quite happy with our work. We provide top quality work to our customers and one of the factors that lead to it is the use of class materials. In addition, our service charges are also quite reasonable and thus we offer our customers the best value for money which in turn helps us to share a strong bond with them.

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    How to Identify the Signs of Roof Damage?

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    What are the 5 different ways to protect your roof from the strong winds?

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