5 things to keep in mind when repairing a damaged garage door

A damaged garage door can be quite the hassle. But if you are following the right approach, you can avoid maintenance costs in the long run. Therefore, here’s a 5-point guide to give you tips to replace your garage door without any issues. Read on.

1. Clean the tracks
Advised by every leading Melissa Garage door company, it is very important to clean the garage door tracks and sliders to ensure smooth operation. When these tracks are free from dirt and debris, you can easily apply grease and oil to the mechanical parts and enjoy a friction-free garage door.

2. Secure the nuts and bolts
Given that you have some technical knowledge as well, you can inspect the nuts and bolts in each part of the track and garage door opener. Make sure you have the right tools at hand to fix every problematic spot in time.

3. Get company for heavy lifting
You wouldn’t be lifting garage doors on your own when repairing them. Ideally, you can get Melissa Garage door Repair contractor to help you out or get some folks to give you a hand with the heavy lifting.

4. Check the sensor
Sometimes the garage door sensor may not work properly due to some obstruction or technical difficulty. Get the sensor checked from an expert and adjust the settings on it for smooth operation.

5. Adjust force setting
If there is some error or issue with opening and closing of the garage door, you can always increase the force setting. The knob at the top, when adjusted clockwise, can help regulate the force setting and thus normalizes the opening and closing process.

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